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As our people believe that “a Serb is called a wolf” if he is brave, strong, dangerous, lonely and yet sociable and family person, that he conquers, is free and wild, so the Wolf brandy is a true homemade Serbian brandy, which has not changed its original character, despite adapting to modern conditions and times.

Combination Of Traditional And Modern

Vučija rakija (Wolf Brandy) comes from a family of fruit brandies, produced from the best varieties of ripe and healthy fruits, in the traditional way by the recipe of experienced Serbian master brandy makers. Distilling is done in small cauldrons with the capacity of 200 liters.

And as the name suggests, we have protected Vučija rakija (Wolf Brandy) against all kinds of evil, which means it is produced without additional additives or sugar. Fresh crystal-clear brandy is left to age for at least one year in oak barrels and aging vessels.

To preserve the quality and methods of production, limited quantities are produced. After at least a year, the brandy is packed in elegant modern glass packaging that additionally emphasizes its top quality and makes our product distinguishable in the market. Vučija rakija (Wolf Brandy) has a pleasant volume of 43% of alcohol, and the harmonious flavor of quince, Williams pear, apricot and plum evokes a feeling of satisfaction after each sip.

It is packed in an exclusive glass bottle of 0.7 and 0.2 liter, which is unique in the market.

Wolf’s Golden brandy

We enriched the refined taste of Wolf’s brandy with edible gold leaves and got the luxurious Wolf’s brandy, which has aged for at least a year, in the original packaging.

Wolf’s gold rakia represents a step forward of traditional brandy in line with world modern trends – it is a combination of tradition and modern design, and edible 23-carat gold gives it a special place among the top brandies on the market.

Due to its value and specificity, it is produced in a limited series, in two flavors: Wolf’s Golden quince and Wolf’s Golden Plum.

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Vučija rakija (Wolf Brandy) is the holder of the gold and silver medals for quality at the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad. In addition to this, we also received an award for packaging design.

Personalize Your Wolf Brandy

Vučija rakija (Wolf Brandy) is an ideal gift for any occasion, and can be an inspiration for an authentic gift in personalized packaging.

Be original and give to your friends, loved ones or business partners natural domestic fruit brandy in a luxury packaging with a printed name or slogan of your choice.

Congratulate their patron saint day, birthday, birth of a child, wedding or business success, because Wolf Brandy is for the person who knows how to keep, how to fight, how to conquer and how to love.